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The Vipera Organization operates a mobile data network allowing SmartPhones and PDAs to exchange picture messages, to perform interactive multiuser games, to share user files, etc. The Vipera Network is an open and cost-effective alternative to the mobile data services offered by Telcos. Notably SMS, MSM, and GPRS-based services for accessing e-mail and corporate data.

The Vipera Organization can be seen as a virtual network operator. Our goal is to operate a global mobile data network and to provide the community with the access software necessary to utilize the network. As such, Vipera is not a software company and thus not interested in selling software. Vipera's goal is to make its access software and SDKs as widely available as possible, and to involve the community in extending and improving its software.

Therefore we make our access software and a range of mobile applications available as Open Source software. The Vipera Open Source development project is hosted on

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